Most states in the US require organizations that solicit contributions within the state to register with the state before soliciting contributions to residents of that state. Not only could an organization face significant fines, license revocation and penalties, but also negative publicity for those who fail to comply with state statutes regarding registration.

Our Process:

  • Initial Consultation

    At no charge, we will discuss with you the legal issues that concern your non-profit.

  • Compliance Check

    We will analyze whether you are currently in compliance with the registration requirements of the states in which you do business or solicit funds.

  • Implementation

    We will work with you to bring your nonprofit into compliance with the laws of each state in which you do business or solicit funds.

  • Legal Services

    We have the expertise to provide a wide range of legal services for all your non-profit issues.



Paul has experience working with and within foundations, charitable organizations and committees. As with any business, the advice of counsel early on can help avoid serious legal penalties and complications later.

Below is a list of nonprofits in which Paul has been involved:

  • Orton Family Foundation – Program Manager for Nonprofit.  The Orton Family Foundation helps small cities and towns describe, apply and uphold their heart and soul so that they can adapt to change while maintaining or enhancing the things they value most.
  • Yampa Valley Legacy Education Initiative – Director of Nonprofit. The initiative was created to foster “place-based” education in Routt, Moffat and East Grand Counties.
  • United Way – Board Member (2005-2007)
  • Yampa Valley Park Botanic Association – Board Member (2005–2007)
  • Emerald Mountain Partnership – President of Board (2003-2007). The partnership is dedicated to the conservation of the natural resources of Emerald Mountain and surrounding lands.
  • Steamboat Springs Nordic Council – VP of Board (2003 – 2007). The council is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and preserving the heritage of Nordic skiing in Routt County.
  • Steamboat Springs Education Fund Educational Excellence Commission and Education Fund Board – President of Board tasked with spending revenue generated by ½ cent sales tax (approximately $1.8 million annually) dedicated to educational excellence and technology issues in RE-2 School District (1995 – 2010).
  • Steamboat Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 K – Director since 1999
  • Run Rabbit Run 50 and 100 Mile Ultra Marathons – Co-Director since 2006. All moneys donated to local nonprofits.
  • Steve Maloney Memorial Fund – Co-Founder.  The fund gives scholarships to local athletes who are passionate about their sport.


Below is a partial list of nonprofit clients:

  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer
  • Alpine Initiatives
  • Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat Springs
  • Rocky Mountain Land Library
  • Steamboat Springs Triathlon Club